Stidham Trucking History

When Larry Stidham was allowed to take over payments on a truck back in 1963, he couldn't have dreamed that Stidham Trucking, Inc. would become one of the primary flatbed carriers on the West Coast. Larry started his apprenticeship to the trucking world during his high school years pumping fuel at the town's only 24-hour fuel station. Then a few years driving for both a truck load and L.T.L. Carrier would whet his appetite for a truck of his own.

Stidham Trucking, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. From that first truck over 50 years ago, Stidham Trucking, Inc. has grown into a fleet of 100 plus tractors and approximately 100 trailers. With a corporate office and maintenance shop in Yreka, California, the Stidham "family" consists of nearly 100 people including drivers, office staff, equipment repair shop personnel, etc.
In the beginning, when Larry bought his first truck and was driving it, Frances, Larry's wife, did the paperwork out of the house. Today, Richard, their son, in addition to being the General Manager, oversees Operations and that every truck is loaded and unloaded each day.

Stidham's Success

Stidham Trucking emphasizes the family element from office staff to drivers. Support from the drivers is recognized as a key for Stidham's success, and in return, Larry takes care of his people.
Stidham runs the best equipment on the road today. Safety and maintenance are absolutes. Stidham Trucking, Inc., has an equipment maintenance program that far exceeds what is required by the Federal Department of Transportation and the California Department of Transportation.  Safety is a number one priority at Stidham Trucking.
Customer satisfaction and on time deliveries are a must. In the midst of constant rate cutting by competitors, Stidham has maintained a steady, firm set of published tariffs, possible only because of customer satisfaction. While others are regularly going out of business, Stidham Trucking maintains profits that put groceries on the table.
Trucking didn't come easy for Larry. It has taken a firm and steady push to reach what Stidham has become today, but because he has been there himself, Larry is now able to help others realize the dream of owning their own truck.